Peppercorn works in a variety of fields, which is summarised here.


The concept and design process is tailored to meet the clients needs.


With every new project we find out our client’s aims, what they want to achieve, whom they want to target, what image they would like to portray….


Once the outline brief is agreed we then translate this into initial design concepts for discussion and feedback, which are then taken forward and developed into successful events and development projects utilising valuable branding, media contacts and e-marketing.




Skills & Expertise


Graphic Design includes

Developing corporate identity

Design and layout

Cost effective print procurement

Web solutions – design, build, SEO, training


PR includes


Development Communications Strategy

PR campaigns

Press releases

Press conferences

Media contacts

Mailchimp newsletters

Contact database


Marketing includes

Concept and planning

Branded merchandise


Contact database


Fundraising & Sponsorship includes

Concept and planning

Sponsors & Partners Programme

Development Communications Strategy

Contact database


Small-Scale International Development Initiatives include

Identifying projects that will benefit the relevant community

Exploring ways to help boost the local economy through tourism

Working in Private-Public Partnerships

Working with the community, government, business, organisations

Forging new links between nations involved

Fostering greater awareness and understanding between cultures