"Thank you for all your hard work to put Livingstone Zambia on the map. You have done a sterling job – it has been an interesting journey and definitely your legacy." 



             Mary Lowe, Zambezi Traveller











About Peppercorn


Belinda Hodge founded Peppercorn in 1992 by as a bespoke graphic design and print production company based in Covent Garden.


Utilising her considerable experience in Branding, PR, Marketing, Project Management and Events Organisation, Belinda has developed Peppercorn Initiatives into a successful company providing a variety of professional services. To date she has helped launch businesses and organisations, and initiated and run international events and small-scale development projects connecting the UK, Europe and Africa.


Peppercorn Initiatives most recent project has been creating the Livingstone 2013 Initative in Livingstone, Zambia. This was  conceived to raise awareness of Livingstone as a tourism destination, attract more visitors to the region and help boost the local economy. By setting up a non-profit organisation and working with local tourism operators, the community and government departments we developed a lasting legacy moving forward from the bicentennial year through a series of academic, arts and cultural events and small-scale international developent projects linking the UK and Zambia. The publicity generated by the initiative achieved over US$500,000 worth of coverage around the world across 78 countries and with a reach over over 112 million people. 


Belinda has gained first hand experience from working with the International Olympic Committee, Smithsonian Institution, Royal Opera House Covent Garden, National Trust for Scotland, Edinburgh Book Festival, Live Music Now and other organisations.


Peppercorn is ready to consider interesting projects, which would draw on the range of skills and expertise referred to here. 


Belinda is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


By working together we can achieve far more than the individual parts



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