"Ms Belinda Hodge has worked tirelessly to promote and strengthen the UK-Zambia relationship through her work with the David Livingstone Bicentenary and Livingstone 2013 Initiative. The Livingstone Zambia - Scotland Medical Exchange, which allowed a promising young Zambian doctor to gain experience of ENT surgery in Glasgow, and the Bird Exchange Exhibition, which brought together young people throughout Scotland and Zambia, were particularly successful. I hope that the strong links that have been forged through these programmes will continue to flourish".



H.E. James Thornton


British High Commissioner to Zambia

Peppercorn Initiatives specialises in designing branding, websites and publications for organisations based in the UK, Europe and Africa.
Led by Belinda Hodge, it has also helped conceive and deliver successful PR and Marketing campaigns and established excellent media contacts.
Belinda also has experience in Corporate Branding, Fundraising, Sponsorship, International Relations and Cultural Development working in the UK, Europe and Africa.
Peppercorn is interested in taking on a variety of work ranging from commercial start-ups to effective, small-scale third-world development projects with strong links to the UK. Such initiatives could involve graphic design, web design, branding, PR and Marketing.
Peppercorn can help commercial start-ups by providing advice and help on creating a corporate identity, digital presence, PR and marketing.
For international development projects, emphasis is placed on  bringing benefits to communities in third world countries. Peppercorn can take on responsibility for creating brandinggenerating sponsorship and raising funds from individuals, trusts, companies and organisations, as well as project manage and deliver the work itself.
Belinda is particularly keen on creating partnerships and collaborations which can involve community leaders, regional agencies, and, where appropriate, government representatives. In all such work, attention is paid to the longer-term impact and legacy of the project.
If you feel Peppercorn could help you in any of these aspects, then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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